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7th July 2014


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Item Description

Crypto peerless slicer
2 avery scales IM series with printers and till included can be linked together )can be sold separately )

3 serve over counters 1980 fully functional well looked after
2 small 2 x 2ft blocks
Hobart 22 mincer stainless steel on a stand 3 phase
Weider mincer 3 phase mincer
Sheerline sausage filler beef burger attachment 30 litres 2 nozzles 3phase
Hobart Pastry Mixer and stand 3 phase
Tom Chandley oven double plus proofer
2 walk in fridges
1 walk in deep freezer
S hooks assorted 100
3 fly killers 2 large/ 1 small
2 electic knive sharpeners
Stainless steel trays assorted 80
Cutting table wooden top metal stand
3 trolleys plastic 5 bowls
Wheeld racks trays
2 racks cooker
Stainless steel rail splits into two 10 hook

Available on and after August 24th (Sunday)

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