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Baader 601 with infeed lift and hopper

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20th March 2015


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Item Description

Superb baader 601 with many options.
Comes with a 3 mm drum suitable for many types of product.
Infeed works with a lift and a hopper with an infeed screw. This makes working with this machine safe and production can be done by 1 person.

• Worldwide proven method for separating soft and solid components
• Desinewing and meat recovery from precutted red meat, poultry and fish
• Puree and juice production from fruits and vegetables
• Depackaging of small packages A variety of raw product can be refined using this method.

A squeezing belt feeds the product to a perforated drum and presses the soft components through the holes of the drum. The solid components remain outside the drum. The ratio between yield and quality can be influenced by means of adjusting the pressure roller.

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Baader 601 with infeed lift and hopper


Baader 601 with infeed lift and hopper

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