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Wolfking Belam brine injector

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20th March 2015


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Item Description

Superb injector, well maintained and ready for production.

The Wolfking Belam brine injector is designed for low-profile fish and small meat parts such as boneless and bone-in poultry, beef steaks and pork filets. It has the closest needle pattern available today for accurate brine distribution and leaves minimal needle marks on skin-on products.
Because of the close needle pattern, for some applications tumbling is not required, so the machine can run in-line and products can be packed immediately after injection or transported directly onto a further processing line.

• Accurate brine distribution from top to bottom
• Close needle pattern, thin needles (2 mm)
• For bone-in and boneless products
• No brine pockets around bones
• Injection levels from 5% up to 80%
• Capacity from 500 to 5000 kg/h

The machine has an integrated brine tank and filter system, which makes it a complete and easily exchangeable machine. Brine distribution is accurately controlled in the Wolfking injector using advanced needle heads with individual needles that are automatically adjusted by air pressure. When a bone obstructs a needle, it retracts and stops injecting, avoiding brine pockets and bone damage.

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Wolfking Belam brine injector


Wolfking Belam brine injector

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