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Fomaco FGM88 brine injector

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Date Placed

20th March 2015


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Item Description

Fomaco brine injector in excellent condition. Have a look at the video for a small demo.

The equipment for injection of poultry products is primarily used for quick and accurate marinating of chicken parts, chicken fillets, whole chicken and turkey products. Flexibility, reliability and accuracy are key words for Fomaco, enabling the customer to handle both bone-in and boneless products and at the same time meet the demand for high capacity with a low standard deviation.

Self cleaning filter
The self-cleaning FM 80 protein filter has a unique ability to remove all impurities
contained in the brine. This will prevent the fine holes in the needles from being blocked - even after many hours of continuous production - which in turn ensures an even distribution of the brine/marinade and improved product quality.

Transport system width: 750 mm
Number of needles: 704 double neadle bridge
Needle diameter: 2 mm
Brine tank with rotary filter

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Fomaco FGM88 brine injector


Fomaco FGM88 brine injector

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