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Kaj Olesen easymatic double head pinboner

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20th March 2015


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Item Description

The Kaj Olesen EASY-MATIC Pin bone removers are designed to remove a maximum number of pin bones while doing minimal damage to the salmon fillets. All of the EASY-MATIC machines are very easy to operate and require little maintenance. In a situation where you do not wish to remove the bones, the remover heads can be adjusted. You can continue to use the machine as a normal transport belt, without disturbing your production line. The remover heads can be adjusted in height, angle and speed. They are kept clean with a water spray system for fresh fillets and an air system for smoked fillets. There is a water spray system underneath the belt for continuous cleaning of the belt during production. The belt speed is adjustable.

The Kaj Olesen EASY-MATIC 102 pin bone remover is equipped with 2 pinbone-removing heads and is capable of processing approximately 700-1200 kgs (1540-2640 lbs.) per hour, or 16 - 22 pieces per minute, depending on the type and size of salmon.

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Kaj Olesen easymatic double head pinboner


Kaj Olesen easymatic double head pinboner

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