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Marel IPM3 X600 double lane portion slicer

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Date Placed

23rd March 2015


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Item Description

Designed to meet the needs of larger operators, the Marel IPM lll LaserEye X600 is a dual-lane unit operating at a cutting speed of up to 8 cuts per second on each of its twin blades and capable of performing the work of up to 8-10 workers.

Suitable for use with salmon, whitefish and almost any other species, the Marel IPM lll LaserEye Intelligent Portioning Machine is the ideal solution for high-value portioning of fillets into pre-defined weights and shapes. Using the latest in 3-D laser vision technology, the IPM lll LaserEye automatically evaluates each piece before cutting, and then calculates the most economic cut configuration based on parameters pre-selected by the production manager, using the unit’s M3000 controller.

Like all Marel equipment, the IPM lll LaserEye is capable of operating as an independent unit, or as part of a complete Marel processing system. For optimal results in whitefish processing, two IPM machines are typically used on each processing line, one as a precutter and the other for portioning final portions. At the same time, experience has shown that using the IPM lll LaserEye in a system incorporating Marel intelligent batching can enable processors to achieve up to 100% fillet utilisation, with virtually no give-away.

Operated at its rated capacity, the Marel IPM lll LaserEye dual-lane machine can perform the work of up to 8-10 people. Robust and highly reliable, the IPM lll LaserEye requires significantly less maintenance than conventional machines.

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