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Baader 52DS

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Date Placed

23rd March 2015


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Item Description

Machine is completely overhauled.
With new roles, new pressure rollers, bearings, hoses, clamps,
conveyors and knives.
This machine is like new.

The BAADER 52 works both as normal skinning machine according to the proven peeling procedure that retains the silver foil on the fillet, and so deep-skinning machine BAADER 52DS together with the layer of fat between the skin and the muscle tissue of the skin removes through an oscillating blade.
The thickness of the cut is adjustable. This method is uded for example salmon, redfish, whiting etc.

Customer benefits:
- Only the skin is removed so that the silver mirror is retained on the fillet.
- Easy conversion from standard to deep skin.
- Robust construction for long continuous operation
- Equipped with specially designed skin carrier roll the fillets are gently treated and therefore look very smooth.

Technical Data:
Fish species; Salmon, Red fish, White fish, Tuna, Tilapia, Pangasius, Catfish etc.
Operating range; Up to 35cm width
Throughput rate; 150 fillets / min (depending on the fish )

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Baader 52DS


Baader 52DS

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