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Ilpra Speedy N tray Sealer / Lidder With Tools - Refurbished

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Date Placed

15th June 2015



Seller's Area

England : West Sussex

Item Description

Totally refurbished Ilpra Speedy N tray Sealer - Date of manufacture - 2006. It was refurbished by ILPRA two weeks ago and is in dry storage, pallet wrapped.

It comes with three tools which seal a large tray, small tray and twin compartment tray, these have been fully refurbished also. There are hundreds of different trays available that will fit these tools. They can be as shallow as you like or up to 160mm deep. The large and small tools will also take twin or triple compartment trays. See etimex for more details or ask Ilpra for the types of tray that will fit. The trays we used were 4p for a small and 8p for a large.

It is complete and ready to use with air compressor included.

This machine is fully automatic and profile-seals two trays at a time. In sealing speed will be 13-14 cycles per Minute which means 26-28 trays per minute.

We bought the machine in November 2014 from a company we know who owned the machine from new. Please feel free to contact Ilpra UK and ask about the machine.

We no longer need the machine and decided to have it fully refurbished in order to sell, I spent £4000.00 on the refurbishment, replacing any worn parts and cleaning/servicing the machine.

Please send me your email address and I will forward additional information on specifications, invoice for work done, specifications of trays it will seal etc.

Please make an offer, all will be considered!

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Ilpra Speedy N tray Sealer / Lidder With Tools - Refurbished


Ilpra Speedy N tray Sealer / Lidder With Tools - Refurbished

Get this seller's details from us :