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E-Compack Machine

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Date Placed

7th July 2017


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Seller's Area

England : Essex

Item Description

This machine packs small products such as seeds, nuts and small snacks alike, and achieves greater accuracy (lower giveaway), throughput and efficiency.
This machine specialises in the pillow pack with a euro slot, it can use films or laminating film which has got less than 70 micron and offers colour printing.
The machine adopts the touch screen to input parameters, while the micro-controller to control the feeding, weighing and the mechanical and pneumatic combined movements. First the conveyor feeds the products into the feeding funnel. And then the material on the feeding funnel will drop into the buffer by the top cone and the linear feeder pan, which are connected automatically my the microcomputer of the multi-head weigher.
All manuals available.

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E-Compack Machine

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