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MHS Chop Slicer

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Date Placed

26th October 2018



Seller's Area


Item Description

The slicer will need to be commissioned by someone who knows what they are doing and hooked up to a compressed air source. Speaking of which, I have a vertical 3-phase Clarke Compressor that I can sell separately if you were interested, (£500).

Reason for selling is due to the fact that I also I bought a £17,000 Holac Cubixx 100 Slicer that rendered this MHS slicer completely redundant before it even arrived. (I slice biltong / beef jerky, not big lumps of beef or pork etc.) You can verify this for yourself if you come down to my factory in Chichester, to view the slicer.

It is still on the same pallet it was delivered on. I hope this gives you all the information / confidence you need if you were interested.

PS : The picture is a "Google image" as the slicer is still on a pallet under plastic pallet wrap as mentioned above.
It is very big and very heavy !

Max product length 700mm
Max product cross section 250x240mm
Slicer external dimensions 1920x925x1420mm
Slicer connected load 400V / 5.8kW
Slicer weight 320kg
Slice thickness 1-700mm

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