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FLM 1000 Horizontal Flowpack Packaging Machine

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Date Placed

4th January 2019



Seller's Area


Item Description

Products: Horizontal Flow-Pack Packing Machine realizes the packaging of all kinds of single products or block-type products or products placed in a container rapidly and serially by commanding the packaging process with PLC electronic control system through the touch-screen operator panel.

Single biscuit, tablet chocolate or chocolate bars, wafers, sweets, Turkish delight, cakes, hamburger, pastry, bagels, croissant, buns, breadsticks any kind of bread and other bakery products, halva (from 80 gr. to 1 kg.), puff pastry dough, frozen food products (fish, pizza, etc.) in the food industry
Soap, cleaning cloths and sponges in the cleaning sector
Furniture accessories in the furniture industry
Car accessories or spare parts in the automotive industry
Roll bandage and other similar supplies in the medical industry
Fruit and vegetables placed in a plate
Tea set packages (including spoon, tea pack and sugar) or other similar set packs (salt, pepper, napkins, toothpick, etc.)
Electrical components, toy, gift and all other similar products

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FLM 1000  Horizontal Flowpack Packaging Machine

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