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FLM 2000 Bread Roll Packaging and Bagging Machine

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4th January 2019



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Item Description

FLM 2000 Horizontal Packaging Machine is used for the packaging of bread roll, sandwich, hamburger, bread and other similar bakery products.
The feeding unit can be designed as pan or rotating tray.
It is possible to make the packaging of bigger bakery products such as breads up to 300 grams only through the transporter without using the feeding unit.
With the help of the counter and the bagging system located on the right and left of the output band unit, it is possible to fill the packaged products into the bags at the desired amounts. For example if you want to make the bagging as 100 packs, first you need to enter this number on the touch screen operator panel and then first 100 bags are to be given to the right side and the following 100 packs are to be given to the left side. During this time, one worker should take the filled bag and replace it with the empty one. The main advantage of this digital counter system is the save of time and labor force mainly for the enterprises working with high capacities.
If there is no product, the counter does not count the empty package. Only the filled packages are counted by the digital counter.

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FLM 2000 Bread Roll Packaging and Bagging Machine

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