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FLM4000 Horizontal Flowpack Packaging Machine

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Date Placed

4th January 2019



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Item Description

Magazine feeding systems are solutions providing semi-automatic feeding that facilitates the feeding of plain products such as biscuits, crackers and other similar products.
FLM 4000 is the horizontal flowpack packaging machine where the feeding of the products is done manually through the channels located on the transporter of the machine. Although it seems that the biscuit feeding is manual, the usage of channels on the machines provides you the advantage of easier and quicker feeding of the biscuits. It is possible to say that this is somehow semi-automaitc feeding process bacause the only the thing that your workers need to is to give the biscuits to the channels without any extra attention like in manual feeding so you need less labor on the machine during the packaging and this feeding system decreases your labor costs in the medium-term.

The feeding of the product is realized through the channels located on the packaging machine. Different magazine feeding systems can be applied by taking the product dimensions and shape of the desired package into account. With the allocation possibilities of the different units of channels, it is possible to get the packaged products where the products are up to and next to each other (in rows and columns) as shown in the photos above. (Eti Tutku or Eti Form)

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FLM4000 Horizontal Flowpack Packaging Machine

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