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BPM 1000 Biscuit Packaging Machinery

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Date Placed

4th January 2019



Seller's Area


Item Description

BPM 1000 Biscuit Packaging Machine realizes the packaging of the products such as biscuits, crackers, wafers, etc in the flowpack package type.
The products are placed manually to the intervals on the 90 band and transferred to the packaging machine with the band movements to be packed in the flowpack form.
Depending on the customer request, the production line, biscuit cream sandwiching machine and biscuit packaging machine can be synchronized all together on the operational phase.
With the help of automated feeding systems, it is possible to realize the packaging in higher capacities and receive packaged products in more hygiene conditions without touching by hand.

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BPM 1000 Biscuit Packaging Machinery

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