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OWET 1000 Overwrapping Envelope-Type Packaging Machine

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4th January 2019



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Item Description

Combined with its versatility and flexibility, this is the ideal overwrapping envelope-type packaging machine offering innovative and modern packaging solutions to the wide variety of industries including the food, cosmetic, cleaning and other similar industries.
OWET 1000 over-wrapping envelope-type packaging machine is the machine taking the length of heat-sealable film from a roll, wrapping the sliced, in-train, single or multiple products, folding the film around the product, sealing from the edges and thus making the packaging in the envelope-type form.
It is possible to make the packaging of the products in the shape of round, foursquare, cylindrical and oval.
The machine is designed for the packaging of flat products (biscuits, wafer, corn crisps, soap, etc.) in a package with flat side faces in the envelope-type form. This type of packaging allows the companies to place their goods on store shelves as lying down and standing up.
Overwrapping packaging machine does not only improve product presentation but also preserves freshness and enhances shelf life.
The main benefits of the machine are excellent appearance of the packages, closed packaging, easy opening with tear tape, protection against heat radiation, ease of operation and low maintenance costs.
Capacity: 15-40 packs/min. (Capacity changes depending on product type, product dimensions and packaging material)

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OWET 1000  Overwrapping Envelope-Type Packaging Machine

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